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DH and I are venturing into the Adirondack Mountains to camp, in a tent, for five days. We have prior camping experience, so this is not a big deal. The campground is on Lake George and has great views. I’m sure the change in scenery will be inspirational and I’ll be a better writer because of it. But… there will be NO cell service and NO WiFi.

What? NO cell service? NO WiFi?
Whatever will I do? GASP!

I haven’t been “off the grid” for more than a few hours… in years. I’m getting a wee bit nervous about it.

I’ll take my devices anyway. I’ll have my iPhone and iPad as well as battery back up chargers… just in case I can pick up a weak signal in some corner of the campground. Of course I’ll be able to use them while DH drives on the way there and then again on the way home (5+ hour drive each way).

I need to download several of my favorite podcasts, a few guided meditations, and a couple of books on the Kindle app. Maybe I’ll even find a yoga video to download. If I can find things I can use without a signal, maybe I won’t suffer too much. Then I’ll just have to keep the batteries charged. I’m sure the ladies’ room has an outlet that I can use if necessary.

To combat my anticipated technology withdrawal, I’ve packed a few notebooks, a sketchbook, a novel, and my new book of Hemmingway’s short stories (purchased after our recent trip to Key West). I’ll take my new camera with lenses so I can practice my photography skills. And I have a quilt square to embroider. Embroidering by candlelight should be fun! (I’m joking about the candlelight… I have a very bright battery operated lantern.)

Or perhaps I should just concentrate on the camping experience. The hiking, the canoeing, the campfires, and sitting by the lake enjoying the sounds and scenery. I could be inspired to write my best short story ever, a fabulous essay, or another great blog post.

Being “Off the Grid” could be the best thing that ever happened to me… or not.

To find out how I survive five days in the “wilderness” (without technology), check back next week. Better yet, subscribe to my blog.