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Wishing we could be on the road doesn’t make it so.

Unfortunately, the Coronavirus overtook our nation and made road travel for “seniors” like us almost unthinkable. Without a private travel trailer or camper, we would require hotel accommodations. We are not willing to risk our health and safety to the whims of those who might still believe that this pandemic is a hoax. So, we are staying at home. Mostly.

Today we are visiting my husband’s brother and his wife at the shore. It’s my second time away from home that’s not the grocery store in four months.

Picnic on the River

The first time was last week. We ordered take out from one of our favorite restaurants and ate picnic style along the Schuylkill River in Gloucester City Park (NJ). It was wonderful—mussels in red sauce and cosmos in a jar. Happy hour!

road trip to Gloucester City park

View from the Deck

This shore visit is another “just-what-the-doctor-ordered” day. Sitting on the dock of the bay, I mean on the deck overlooking the canal. It’s beautiful and wonderfully relaxing.

road trip to Osborn Island

Relaxation = Productivity

This mini trip was good for me. I finally feel productive after writing not one but two flash fiction stories today! I submitted one for publication already, after multiple edits but without a beta reader. I might regret that when I re-read the story tomorrow.

The shore atmosphere and the glass of wine made me do it.